Soccer Ball and Futsal Ball Size Chart

What's the difference in a Soccer Ball and a Futsal Ball and what size ball do I need? This is one of the questions we get asked a lot, so I thought it would be nice to put the information on the website for everyone. The main difference is that a Futsal Ball doesn't bounce as much as a standard Soccer Ball.


Soccer Ball Size Chart:

  • Size 3 Soccer Ball - Kids (8 & Under)
    • Divisions: U-6, U-7, & U-8
  • Size 4 Soccer Ball - Youth (8-12)
    • Divisions: U-9, U-10, & U-11
  • Size 5 Soccer Ball - Adults (13+)
    • Divisions: U-12, U-13 & up

Futsal Ball Size Chart:

  • Size 3 Futsal Ball - Youth (10 & Under)
    • U10 and Younger
  • Size 4 Futsal Ball - Adult (11 and Over)
    • U11 and Older
Post by : Brent Doud

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